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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Birdseye Forestry provides sustainable forest management while protecting the ecological, cultural, and social functions of working forests and their ecosystems. 



  • Provide professional advice to help landowners assess their management objectives within the carrying capacity of the land.

  • Commit to high ethical standards from social, environmental, and financial standpoints. 

  • Work to build enduing relationships with our clients based on trust and integrity. 

  • Maintain passion and perseverance in our ongoing goal to make a positive impact. 


Sustainability Statement

Birdseye Forestry strives to reduce our companies impact while still providing the highest quality forest management we can. Our commitment includes:

  • 1% For the Planet member since 2021.

  • Recycling and using recycled re-purposed products when possible. 

  • Supporting local and national non-profits that focus on environmental education and action. Organizations include Moretown Elementary E.C.O., Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, and Ducks Unlimited.


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