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Forest Management


Current Use Consulting & Enrollment

Licensed in both Vermont & New Hampshire, Birdseye can help you navigate the current use process wherever you land may be. These programs can significantly reduce tax burden by taxing the land at its 'current use' rather than its 'highest and best use.' 

Courtemanche Harvest.jpg

Timber Sale Planning & Management

Planning a timber harvest is an important decision to any landowner, and one that may only happy once or twice during an ownership tenure. Harvesting timber can help to make owning land more economically feasible and meet specific management goals at the same time.


Birdseye Forestry has the experience and knowledge to help landowners implement a harvest that ensures the desired outcome. Significant ecological, cultural, and aesthetic features can all be protected with proper planning.  


Boundary Location & Maintenance

Knowing the location of and maintaining your property boundaries are one of the most important aspects of land ownership. Well maintained boundaries prevent timber theft and other trespasses from occurring to you or your neighbors. 


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